Our Goal

Open Studio Online is your go-to resource for online art instruction from a professional artist/instructor. We have created a unique community, empowering our members to decide how, what and when they want to learn.

At Open Studio Online we have one goal – to share our passion for Fine Art with like-minded artists of all levels. Access to a Fine Art mentor is an invaluable resource. Let them lead you on a path of personal success in your art.


Membership is FREE - we offer an open door to all artists who share our passion for Fine Art and who are committed to further developing their painting skills and creative vision.
Membership includes a:
• Profile to share some personal details and display your workshop paintings.
• Studio space to store your Workshops, Toolbox, Critiques and Art Forum.
You can decide which events you wish to purchase and when – you are in control of your learning.


Our mentors are highly qualified, professional artists with years of experience leading workshops and teaching Fine Art classes. They have a passion for sharing their knowledge and a unique ability to help students progress regardless of their level of expertise.
Whatever your art instruction needs, you will find something that fits the bill in our mentors’ online studio.


Each workshop is a stand-alone project with a defined learning objective, a photo reference and a lesson plan. When you have finished your painting, upload it to the gallery and display your artwork along with your fellow workshop artists.

When you post your image to the Workshop gallery you can choose to share it on your Profile page as well. You can even allow other members to add your painting to their Favorites list.


Our critiques are a positive educational experience, where your technical skills are discussed in the context of accepted Fine Art principles as well as the more subjective interpretation of the subject.

It is widely acknowledged in the Fine Art world that a professional critique of your work can bring you a greater appreciation of your strengths as well as an understanding of your opportunities to grow.


Explore the Toolbox where our mentors offer their tips, tutorials and demos. If you were a fly on the wall in their studio, this is what you would see and hear!

Our mentors use their art knowledge and teaching experience to create useful tools for the developing artist consisting of text, images and/ video. To learn more about how the Toolbox works, click on the Guidelines link in the footer.

Art Forum

At Open Studio Online we recognize the incredible wealth of Fine Art knowledge our members possess. Take advantage of this incredible resource and get involved in the member-led Art Forum. Raise questions, make comments and give advice on all things Fine Art related – techniques, materials, painting problems…
We want to hear what’s on your mind!