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> What is My Workshop Gallery?
> What are My Favorites?
> Who can see my Profile?
> What is a Profile on Open Studio Online?
> How do I update my Profile?
> What is a fine art Mentor?
> How do I sign in?
> How do I sign out?
> I forgot my password
> How do I sign up?
> Can I get a refund?
> Do I have to pay to join Open Studio Online?
> How do I pay for an Open Studio Online class?
> How are the prices for online classes set?
> What is a Workshop?
> How do I join?
> How does it work?
> Can I share my finished painting?
> Does a workshop have a start or end date?
> What is peer review?
> Does the mentor give feedback?
> Can I review a workshop?
> What is the Toolbox?
> What types of lessons are offered?
> How does it work?
> Is there a time limit to view a lesson?
> Can I review a lesson?
> What is a Critique?
> What does it offer?
> How do I reserve a critique session?
> How do I complete a critique request?
> How do I view my critique report?
> Can I review a critique?
> What are favorites?
> How do I add favorites?
> Where do I find paintings to add to My Favorites?
> Where can I see my list of favorite paintings?
> Who can see my favorites?
> Can my paintings be added to other member's Favorites?