Our workshops are a great starting point for a new painting project.

Each workshop provides you with a visual concept and photo reference. The mentor describes a suggested approach to the subject while encouraging you to express your own artistic vision.


Visit the Toolbox and browse through tutorials created by a Fine Art mentor.

Tips, techniques and demos are useful tools for improving your Fine Art Skills. The Toolbox will provide you with an insight to the mentor’s artistic process and inspire you to take a new approach to solving painting problems.


Create an artist profile and share your creative vision with other member artists.

Upload your finished artwork to the Workshop Gallery. Use the peer-review system to get feedback on your painting from workshop members. Bookmark your favorite paintings by other member artists or mentors.


Submit a painting to a mentor for a one-on-one critique of your artwork.

A critique is an evaluation of your work based on accepted Fine Art techniques and a subjective interpretation of the subject. Compassionate and constructive criticism can help you take your artwork to the next level.


We’ll keep you organized so you can spend more time at the easel.

Every member has a ‘My Studio’ space to manage all your Fine Art events and tools.
You can see all the workshops you have joined, view your tutorials or critiques and manage your Art Forum to raise questions or offer tips.


Pick up a brush and paint, it’s the best way to improve your skills and develop as an artist.

At Open Studio Online we have one goal – to share our passion for Fine Art with like-minded artists of all levels. Access to a Fine Art mentor is an invaluable resource. Let them lead you on a path of personal success in your art.